Thursday, 30 September 2010

Multi-Lingual Speakers: Hip-Hop \ Rap Goes International

Multi-lingual speakers, I know what you’re thinking this girl is crazy right? But wait, just hear me out for a minute. When you listen to hip-hop \ rap music, you probably have Drake, Lil Wayne, and other hip-hop classics blaring out of your stereo speakers. Have you ever considered listening to music from other countries? A country, that has really taken hip-hop \ rap music to the mainstream Is Turkey, with commercial and underground artists from Ceza to Sagopa Kajmer. The rapper I want to talk about today (Sept 30th 2010) is Sagopa Kajmer. Underground, and now commercial rapper Kajmer made his debut in 1999. With a mixtape release entitled ‘Kuvetmira’, which basically is a play on words meaning strength. He then, returned, with two more mixtape releases back in 2002 entitled 10 Kursun (10 bullets). Later he tied the knot with girlfriend Kolera, who’s also a rapper and collaborated with Kajmer. The Turkish rapper maintained his reputation, as a talented artist by releasing a further 7 albums to date. His latest project entitled ‘Bendeki Sen’ (You Are Of Me) the guy, who completely changed the music industry in Turkey by introducing hip-hop \Rap. So, take the time to listen to Kajmer, and other artists in Turkish rap. Check them out on Youtube, and other video sharing sites. Even if you don’t understand the lyrics, there’s no doubt that you will feel the flow when artists like Kajmer spit.

Monday, 13 September 2010

Tweet, Tweet – Twitterrific Celebs

Are you a Twıtter user? If not, then where have you been? Twitter, is the essential social networking site for celebrities that you know and love. It’s the best way to find out the latest news from your favourite celebrities themselves. What more can a fan want? If you’re a stranger to Twitter, don’t worry you’ll soon become friends. Maybe the burning question, for you is how does it work? Well, let me explain, for those who don’t know, it’s simple. Just follow your chosen celebrity’s official Twitter site, and that’s it. You can now receive their tweets the second they’re posted. Get short, and sweet tweets from the stars. So, who tweets? I hear you ask, since there are countless celebrities, who are registered with Twitter. It’s impossible for me to list them all right now, but here are just a few celebrities, who are popular and have the most followers according to

Lady GaGa (ladygaga) - 6,217,151 followers

Britney Spears (britneyspears) - 5,918,518 followers

Ashton Kutcher (aplusk) - 5,764,023 followers

Barack Obama (BarackObama) – 5,386,294 followers

Ellen DeGeneres (TheEllenShow) – 5,210,422 followers

Justin Bieber (justinbieber) – 5,197,799 followers

Kim Kardashian (KimKardashian) – 4,790,984 followers

Oprah Winfrey (Oprah) – 4,234,354 followers

Taylor Swift (taylorswift13) – 4,207,380 followers

Katy Perry (katyperry) – 3,668,837 followers

What are you waiting for? Join the exciting world of Twitter, and start following your favourite celebrities, and go backstage to their world. How many celebrities will you follow?

Saturday, 4 September 2010

Countdown To The MTV Video Music Awards 2010

Give me an ‘V’, give me an ‘M,’ give me an ‘A’, yes, you guessed it. The MTV Video Music Awards is going to take place on September 12th at 9pm in Los Angeles California. MTV confirms, this spectacular event is to be presented by a well-known US rapper Nicki Minaj, alongside R&B singer Ne-Yo, Selena Gomez, and many others. We all remember, Kanye West’s unexpected interruption during country, and pop singer Taylor Swift's acceptance speech last year. Well, would it surprise you, if I said Rocca Fella rapper is due to make a return to the VMA stage? Of course, it wouldn’t be the VMA’s without outstanding performances from Drake, to angelic voice Usher, but wait, that’s not all, because rock sensation Linkin Park is getting ready to return to the stage at this year’s VMAs, with a never before seen on TV performance of their song Catalyst. The list of this year’s performers is endless I don’t think I would have time to name them all here. Don’t be sad, it just means you have to tune into MTV on September 12th to find out. Come on, what do you expect? It’s the MTV Video Music Awards, obviously it’s going to go off with a bang as always. What would the VMAs be without competition, that’s right, you guessed it, it’s the nominees here are a few nominees:

Best Female Video
- Beyonce Ft Lady GaGa-Video Phone directed by Hype Williams
Katy Perry Ft Snoop Dogg California Gurls directed by Mathew Cullen
Ke$a Tik Tok directed by Syndrome
Lady GaGa Bad Romance directed by Francis Lawrence
Taylor Swift Fifteen directed by Roman White

Best Male Video – B.O.B Ft Hayley Williams Airplanes directed by Murai
Drake Find Your Love directed by Anthony Mandler
Eminem Not Afraid directed by Rich Lee
Jason Derulo In My Head directed by Kai Crawford
Usher Ft OMG directed by Anthony Mandler

Video Of The Year – 30 Secs. To Mars Kings & Queens directed by Bartholmew Cubbins
B.O.B Ft Hayley Williams Airplanes directed by Murai Eminem Not Afraid directed by Rich Lee
Florence & The Machine Dog Days Are Over directed by LEGS
Lady GaGa Bad Romance directed by Francis Lawrence
Lady GaGa Ft Beyonce Telephone directed by Jones Akerlund

Who will take home the most moon men at this year’s MTV Video Music Awards? Tune into MTV on September 12th at 9pm to find out.