Saturday, 29 January 2011

50 Cent Is Almost Ready To Cast Black Magic

Remember in one of my previous posts, I was talking about 50 Cent releasing Black Magic his upcoming, and most anticipated album? Well, brace yourselves, because I have some news.

Fiddy will be casting ‘Black Magic’ on his fans, and hip-hop lovers alike this summer.

The ‘I Get It In’ rapper told MTV, he wants his soon to be released album, to have the same vibe as his debut release ‘Get Rich Or Die Tryin’’.

The multi-platinum rapper told the world, that he’s in the studio with Eminem, working on Black Magic that is 50% complete, which he hopes to drop later this year.

To recapture the same vibe, and aggression from his first album, 50 went back in time, and replayed the album that bought him success. It was then, he realised that the material had extreme aggression.

Get ready for 50 Cent to cast his ‘Black Magic’ on you, as it hits the store shelves this summer!

Saturday, 22 January 2011

You're F*ckin' Perfect!

Let’s all ‘Raise A Glass,’ to rock diva Pink, as she breaks her silence, with her single F*ckin’ Perfect. A song that can easily be considered, everyone’s best friend, When they see the wrong reflection in the mirror, and fail to realise, they are in fact, perfect the way they are.

This powerful song, delivers messages that everyone would like to hear, when you have nowhere else to turn, and you start feeling like the odd one out. Pink’s words will guide you into the right direction in life.

Of course, a powerful song like F*ckin’ Perfect, deserves a strong music video alongside it. The official music video has already made controversy. Come on, with a song like this, what did you expect? The video portrays disturbing, and gory images of an anorexic looking young woman, who’s inflicting self-harm.

Since the video’s release, the Fun House hit-maker has defended the video, and clarifies it wasn’t her intention to glamorise self-harm. In fact, her priority was to address the problem of isolation and depression, a problem that’s going out of control. It’s a problem that should be out in the open and talked about.

Once you listen to this track, you will realise that you’re F*ckin’ Perfect. Let’s all hold hands and show love, because don’t forget, we are all perfect in our own way!

Saturday, 8 January 2011

Lady GaGa's Early Valentines Present - Born This Way

Attention! Ladies and gentlemen, the time for you to go GaGa once more is slowly approaching. No, I haven’t gone crazy (GaGa) don’t panic because Queen of exaggeration, Lady GaGa Is due to release her new single, ‘Born This Way,’ straight from her much anticipated album of the same name.

If you’re a GaGa fan, then keep your eyes open, wait, you want more accuracy on the release date for the single right? OK, no problem, how does February 13th sound? That’s right, GaGa will be giving you an early Valentines present.

The Bad Romance singer made the announcement on New Years Eve over Twitter, where she tweeted “I’m beautiful in my way / Because God makes no mistakes / I’m on the right track / Baby I was born this way”.

The single is due to premiere on next month’s Grammy Awards, she also confirms that her LP is expected to release in May 2011. So, not long to wait folks, looks like the spotlight is back on Lady GaGa once again.

Sunday, 2 January 2011

The Music Industry & Video Games - A Match Made In Heaven, Or Waiting To Sign For A Divorce?

Do you love listening to music? Maybe playing video games is more your thing? Either way, you can’t lose. Today, I want to highlight, and maybe question the relationship between the music industry and video gaming industry.

Is it a match made in heaven? Or a rollercoaster waiting to fall off its tracks? We are familiar with a few video games that bring the party to the house, like the Guitar Hero series, originally released in 2005 From Activison.

Guitar Hero, brings out the rock star in anyone who picks up that plastic guitar. Inspired by Slash and other rock legends. But wait, it doesn’t stop there, there are a few others in competition with Guitar Hero. DJ Hero, which made its first European realise in October 2009. Rock Band, made its appearance back in November 2008.

Finally, a new addition to the family, Ubisoft brings you Michael Jackson The Experience released in November 2010.

You can’t help, but ask yourself do these video games benefit the music industry? Well, you would think so right? All these artists are making a profit from their video games. I mean of course, it gives artists a chance to promote themselves, letting their star shine brighter then it already is.

But did you know the music industry is not a fan of these musical video games? Why? To put it simply, the music industry doesn’t get paid big bucks for the content it provides for these games.

Even though, these games solely depend on the industry to supply the musical content.

Walk This Way rock star, Areosmith lead singer Steven Tylor, once claimed that he made more money from Guitar Hero then they have from any album released.

So, what have we learned today? It maybe hard to believe, but the music industry isn’t in the mood to scratch its DJ decks, or even pick up a plastic guitar to rock out a party, it’s understandable.

There’s no harm in it for the individual it’s pure fun. So, it does have its uses by the sound of it, not only is it fun, but it has the power to make your imagination go wild!