Saturday, 22 January 2011

You're F*ckin' Perfect!

Let’s all ‘Raise A Glass,’ to rock diva Pink, as she breaks her silence, with her single F*ckin’ Perfect. A song that can easily be considered, everyone’s best friend, When they see the wrong reflection in the mirror, and fail to realise, they are in fact, perfect the way they are.

This powerful song, delivers messages that everyone would like to hear, when you have nowhere else to turn, and you start feeling like the odd one out. Pink’s words will guide you into the right direction in life.

Of course, a powerful song like F*ckin’ Perfect, deserves a strong music video alongside it. The official music video has already made controversy. Come on, with a song like this, what did you expect? The video portrays disturbing, and gory images of an anorexic looking young woman, who’s inflicting self-harm.

Since the video’s release, the Fun House hit-maker has defended the video, and clarifies it wasn’t her intention to glamorise self-harm. In fact, her priority was to address the problem of isolation and depression, a problem that’s going out of control. It’s a problem that should be out in the open and talked about.

Once you listen to this track, you will realise that you’re F*ckin’ Perfect. Let’s all hold hands and show love, because don’t forget, we are all perfect in our own way!

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