Saturday, 29 January 2011

50 Cent Is Almost Ready To Cast Black Magic

Remember in one of my previous posts, I was talking about 50 Cent releasing Black Magic his upcoming, and most anticipated album? Well, brace yourselves, because I have some news.

Fiddy will be casting ‘Black Magic’ on his fans, and hip-hop lovers alike this summer.

The ‘I Get It In’ rapper told MTV, he wants his soon to be released album, to have the same vibe as his debut release ‘Get Rich Or Die Tryin’’.

The multi-platinum rapper told the world, that he’s in the studio with Eminem, working on Black Magic that is 50% complete, which he hopes to drop later this year.

To recapture the same vibe, and aggression from his first album, 50 went back in time, and replayed the album that bought him success. It was then, he realised that the material had extreme aggression.

Get ready for 50 Cent to cast his ‘Black Magic’ on you, as it hits the store shelves this summer!

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