Saturday, 25 December 2010

The Tourist - Reviewed

Ever find yourself sitting on a train? Minding your own business, when a stranger of the opposite sex chooses to sit right opposite you? Not really right? That kind of thing doesn’t really happen. Well, it did for Frank Tupelo (Johnny Depp) when he met Elise Clifton Ward (Angelina Jolie). The Tourist director, and writer Florian Henkel Von Donnersmarck, tells the story of an American tourist visiting Italy, who’s out to repair Elise’s broken heart.

Two of the most iconic stars of Hollywood, Johnny Depp, and Angelina Jolie come together to bring you the new Mr & Mrs Smith. 103 minutes of action/thriller/drama, you won’t mind sitting through, The Tourist.

Frank Tupelo didn’t know what hit him, when he got involved with undercover agent Elise, fate brings them together again, when Elise invites her American boy on a boat ride to a fancy hotel. As time goes by the story unfolds, and secrets are slowly revealed. Elise is the one who gets to say “Oh my God”. Why is she so surprised? Don’t let me be the one to tell you, go to the cinemas to find out for yourself you won't regret it!

Monday, 13 December 2010

Kanye West Introduces ‘My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy – Reviewed

Roc-a-fella rapper Kanye West has made a stable comeback with ‘My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.’ Dropped November 22nd of this year. The album made a lasting impression, when it reached Time Magazine’s best album of the year list.

What’s so great about this album? Well, ‘My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, introduces an electro / slightly techno, and computerized vocals making it seem like you entered the twilight zone of the cyber world.

But that’s not all, the album delivers controversial, and complex subjects that would make anyone quiver. Kanye expressing his inner most fantasies, in the intro track My Dark fantasy.

The album, features a great collection of collaborations including Kid Cuddi, Reakwon in Gorgeous, while John Legend, and Pursia T are playing the blame game with ‘Touch The Sky’ rapper.

Mr West, brings you an outstanding selection of hip-hop beats that would not only get you to the dance floor, but as a hip-hop/rap lover, don’t be surprised if you feel a sense of pride for having ‘My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy’ in your music collection.

Thursday, 2 December 2010

MTV Reveals Brand New: Acts For 2011

2011 is fast approaching, MTV and smart-phone company Blackberry, wastes no time, but shine the spotlight on potential upcoming artists. The artists who are due to appear on MTV’s show Brand New, the successful show that’s been running for three years is getting ready to do it all over again.

Wondering who’s getting ready for a 2011 debut? Well, don’t worry, because I’m about to tell you. So, here it is:

• Indie Band – The Vacancies
• Hip-hop/Electro/Pop Act – Far East Movement
• Female Artist – Jessie J
• Grime Performer- Watch 32

And many, many more, MTV, is giving you the chance to have your say, and vote for your favorite artist. So, standby your TV sets because it looks like 2011 is going to be an eventful year.

Saturday, 27 November 2010

Paranormal 2 Activity Reviewed

This one is dedicated to all who’ve seen the movie that has defined itself, as the ultimate classic of horror; Paranormal Activity, and the sequel Paranormal Activity II. Wait, because I’m not going to let people, who haven’t seen either of these movies feel left out. This review is designed to encourage people to experience Paranormal Activity for themselves.

I realise this review is over-due, but it’s never too late to put your opinion across about a movie so here it is.

Tod Williams’ Paranormal Activity II, made its release Oct 22nd of this year. It follows the concept that was originally made for the first movie. Amateur footage that cleverly, and unveils fear as a dominant emotion. It introduces a realistic perspective of paranormal activity.

Williams’ movie, definitely lives up to the standard of a horror classic; unexpected scares, and screams just when you think it’s over, it hits you back, before you’re able to count backwards to ten. You get the fright of your life with loud door slams, lights turning off, and sounds that leave you questioning where it came from?

Paranormal Activity II has horrific scenes similar to the first movie. Directed by Oren Peli, and released November 25th of 2009. It climbed the box office, and successfully reached to the top with £9,649,669 gross in the UK.

The sequel has the same horrifying scenes you’d expect from the genre, but twice as gory and even more disturbing. There are a couple of scenes that made me want to say WTF!

Let’s not ruin it for the people, who haven’t seen this movie yet. The people who have, will know exactly which scenes I’m talking about.

Oh OK, you convinced me, I’m going to give you a sneak peak, the scene that disturbed me the most, has to be the floating baby that was seen in the movie’s official trailer.

So, go and check Paranormal Activity II out, and be prepared to be scared, but I warn you, don’t watch it alone!

Friday, 26 November 2010

A Beautiful Trooper - James Blunt

Did you know ‘You’re Beautiful’ singer James Blunt was in the British army before he started his musical career? Well, it’s true. The British singer/songwriter was an officer in the Life Guards, a Calvary in the British army. In an interview with the BBC, Blunt proudly points out that he prevented WW3.

He describes a particular time, when he refused an order to go against the Russians in Kosovo.

It was in 2002, when Blunt left his army career behind him to pursue a musical career instead. Back To Bedlham, his debut album was released in 2003, upon release the album later, became the biggest selling UK album in 2009.

In a recent interview with Celebrity Mania, Blunt shows no regret of leaving the army. He’s glad to put it behind him, simply because he doesn’t agree with the British military’s involvement with Afghanistan.

James Blunt recently released his latest album ‘Some Kind Of Trouble’ earlier this month. So if you’re a James Blunt fan then what are you waiting for? Grab this album at a store near you, or as always you can download directly from the iTunes store.

Sunday, 31 October 2010

Mobile Phone Networks Say 'I Do' To The Music Industry

Which mobile phone network are you with? T-Mobile, O2, or Orange, whichever one you’re with, these three communication companies have something in common, what is that? Well, they all sponsor major music events. I know you’ve all heard of the O2 Arena in London, and T-Mobile Transmission, let's not forget Orange Rockcorp. I’m only going to talk about two mobile network companies today (Oct 28th).

To date, O2 have sponsored countless music events, from festivals, to major artist tours. The company, aim to please and intend to present entertainment, and communication in an all in one package; they believe their sponsorships with music, bring interactivity, introducing new customer experiences, by bringing exclusivity to their consumers, which add great value to the O2 brand.

Putting that aside, the O2, and many of the other networks like T-Mobile, value customers as first priority the benefits of sponsoring a music event, for these major mobile networks are simple. It shows loyalty to their customers, but at the same time consumers can respond by rewording the supplier with the same loyalty. These sponsorships, have gained company reputation, making it value at £6 million a year. However, let's not forget the day, when O2 and AEG, combined forces in three key ways, these are as follows:

1) Bringing exclusive music content to O2 phones and other devices

2) Every customer in the UK, Ireland, Germany, and other countries VIP rights such as tickets, upgrades, entry into the VIP lounge, fast track entry and finally reserved parking.

3) Interactive services ranging from mobile ticketing, music downloads and event guides using O2’s mobile internet and O2 Active.

‘The future’s bright the future’s orange,’ Orange, another major mobile network, who introduce you to Rockcorp. A place to get the latest tickets for music events fast, and hassle free, promoted by Blackberry, and Channel 4. Rockcorps is the only company, to bring forward the idea of ‘Give Get Given,’ basically giving customers one free ticket to an amazing gig. In return for four hours of community service.

Using the power of music, to unite people from all cultures, hitting two birds with one stone. Providing top class entertainment, and helping to improve the community all at the same time.

There’s no doubt that these major mobile networks want to attract the younger generation, and so far they’re succeeding. This connection takes mobile networks to a whole new level. Not only by increasing revenue, but showing loyalty, and dedication to consumers. Network companies have started to realise, that without music, the world doesn’t go round. So, why not combine the two together, and bring something new to the table.

Friday, 22 October 2010

Facebook Locks Up Tightly On Privacy

We all know, as Facebook users, how much of an issue the privacy\security element of the social networking site has been. The wait is over it was May 26th 2010, when the popular social networking site, Facebook responded to user complaints. Bringing you a more enhanced, and innovative controls for personal sharing. The new controls, give over 40 million Facebook users the opportunity, to control, who exactly can see the information, and content published all this, with just a few clicks of your mouse. As well as the new changes,

Facebook has also made it easier for the consumer, to turn off third party apps and websites. There are five goals to making Facebook more secure, and comfortable to use. These are as follows:

• Users have more power to be in control of how their information is shared

• Facebook assures clients that personal information will not be distributed to third party services or unauthorised users

• Facebook will not give advertisers permission to access users’ personal information

• Users’ information will not be sold by Facebook

• Facebook promises to remain a free service that everyone can use

There’s only one objective, for the popular social networking site. Which is to simplify privacy control, putting users minds at ease, and socialise freely.
Users, and professionals’ reaction to these changes have been positive. The president of centre for Democracy and Technology, Leslie Harris, who’s convinced Facebook’s privacy system is simplified. She states; “While more work still needs to be done, these changes are the building blocks to giving people what they want, and deserve."

Facebook go onto claim, that users were involved with the updated privacy settings, in every step of the way. Getting involved with this procedure, not only gives Facebook one on one insight, but users are also kept up to date, with the changes the second it happens. So, what does this mean? You get to have your cake and eat it too right? The new features give consumers variety, and more choice on how to control what information is shared to the public.

The new features, guarantees that only a certain amount of personal information, will be available to the public. The details is currently restricted to name, profile picture, (if the user has one), gender, (even though members have the option to hide this), and finally network and joined groups visibility. But wait, it doesn’t stop there, users also have the opportunity, to choose which fan pages can be visible to other consumers.

It’s fair to say, Facebook have been working hard, in mastering these issues with privacy. There’s no doubt, in the future, Facebook will solve these problems, and maintain consumer satisfaction. I want to know what you think, of the privacy options in Facebook. What would you change? What’s the one thing you’d like to have in privacy that Facebook doesn’t have at the moment? Comment below please.

Celebrities Who Reach Out - Peace Of Mind For Everyone

I want to throw a question at you, are you ready? OK, what do Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, and Alicia Keys have in common? Besides sharing the Hollywood spotlight, still can’t figure it out? Well, they are all involved with, and the co-founder of humanitarian foundations.

Today, (Oct 21st 2010) I’m only going to talk about two celebrities, who are involved with helping people in need. So, let’s get started shall we? Who’s supporting which foundation? Don't worry, the answer to this question is coming right now, R&B and angelic voice Alicia Keys, is the creator of Keep A Child Alive. Keep A Child Alive, has one purpose, providing treatment, love and support, to families with HIV\AIDS. The organisation goes out of its way to pay for medication, and living expenses, in third world countries. To date, ‘Keep A Child Alive’ has saved the life of 250,000 people.

The charity has its own website, that encourages people from all over the world, to make a donation of $5. The official link to the website is the following:

Up next is a man we know and love, Brad Pitt. The man who made Fight Club a Hollywood classic, and ‘The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button,’ a legacy. Pitt’s organisation is entitled ‘Make It Right.’ the foundation, reaches out to the victims of the hurricane in August of 2005, in New Orleans Florida. Not surprisingly, the hurricane left a huge scar on the community, killing over 1,577 people, in the Lower 9th Ward. The 9th Ward was the one location that endured the hardest hit, and over 4,000 homes were destroyed.

‘Make It Right’ first launched in December 2007; since then, the organisation aims to bring hope, build a new community, that’s not only more durable, but environmentally friendly too. In December 2009, the organisation met its target, and built fifty new homes. By December 2010, they hope to increase that number, and build 150 new homes. There are four goals for Make It Right,’ these are as follows:

Safety – durable, strong enough to survive the next unexpected storm
Healthy – constructed with non toxic material and harm free gasses.
Green – houses are powered by solar panelled energy, making it environmentally friendly.
Smart design – beautifully built homes, stylish and elegant homes, with the most talented and professional architects.

To get more information on the ‘Make It Right’ campaign, visit the following website, while you’re there why not donate, and be part of a miracle.

Saturday, 16 October 2010

The Controversy Of The Exorcist

It was March 14th 1973, when director William Fredkin triggered controversy with The Exorcist hitting the big screen. Based on a true story, and inspired by Peter Blattly’s bestselling novel of the same name. The horror\thriller movie has since been recognised as ‘the scariest movie of all time, for one reason, it strongly delivers on what we expect from the horror genre. With a dramatic imagery of blood, guts, gore, and aggressive violence it definitely has it all. If you haven’t watched this horror classic; then there can only be two possibilities, either you’ve been living under a rock for thousands of years, or you’re just not a fan of horror.

I can honestly say, The Exorcist was one of the few horror movies, where I was genuinely scared. Controversy surfaced, when the movie debut in cinemas, but didn’t receive a warm welcome, as it exasperated vomiting, fainting, and heart attacks due to the explicit content. The British Board of Film Classification, (BBFC), felt it was appropriate, to issue the uncut version of the film an 'X' certificate. Later, in 1979, the BBFC requested to review the movie again, in order to fully understand if The Exorcist violated the New Protection Of children Act of 1978. Due to the film consisting of horrifying, and sickening scenes, of a young child possessed by the devil.

So, what are these horrific, and unforgettable scenes you might ask\? Well, it might not be good to go over them all right now. But, I will say this much, in the uncut version of the film, we see the 13 year old girl Ragan, real name Linda Blair, walking down a flight of stairs, with her legs over her shoulders. This horrifying scene, amongst others, prevented the movie to have a UK release until the early 1990s. The BBFC finally issued the video release an 18 certificate. The consequences were strong, as the film was removed from store shelves. Further action was taken by the BBFC, which resulted in the movie being outlawed for eleven years. It was the distributors, who wanted to celebrate the 25th anniversary of The Exorcist by re-releasing the movie in UK cinemas, after a close inspection from the BBFC, it was realised that it didn’t come with any of the pandemonium that happened in 1973. However, later in March 2001, The Exorcist debut its first premiere on UK television on Channel 4.

Since the 1973 release, there have been follow ups of the movie; entitled Exorcist: The Heretic, released in 1977, Exorcist III released in 1990, and Exorcist: The Beginning in 2004. However, the follow-ups didn’t really have as strong of an impact, compared to the original release in 1973. Have you watched The Exorcist? If so, I would like to know, which scene scared you the most? Don’t be shy feel free to comment. I will definitely be waiting!

Hollywood Hidden Gems: Box Office Movies

The sparkling world of Hollywood continues to shine with its latest movie releases. Grab a seat at the cinema, with an overflowing bucket of popcorn, and a refreshing drink as the perfect movie companion. Here are the top ten movies that made the box office this weekend, (1st Oct) according to

#10 - With an outstanding weekend total of £302,196 for 6 weeks, a comedy masterpiece with a five-star cast from director Dennis Dougan. Grown Ups is the story of five close friends, and former high school basketball team mates, who come together on a Fourth of July holiday weekend.

#9 - Devil - an exceptional £332,949 weekend total for 2 weeks, director John E. Dowdle tells the story of five people, who are trapped in a lift that is haunted by the devil. This cross-genre drama thriller, and horror movie promises to leave you on the edge of your seat, and popcorn flying out of your bucket.

#8 - Instant kids’ classic, Toy Story 3, with an amazing £413,759 weekend box office total for eleven weeks. Yes, all your favourite characters are back for a third instalment. Little Andy is all grown-up and ready to leave home to go to college. Things start to go wrong when Woody and the gang are mistakenly delivered to a day-care centre.

#7 - A blast from the past, Back To The Future, originally released in 1985 from director Robert Zemeckis. This movie enters the box office chart, with an incredible £461,194 weekend total for a week. Relive the adventure one more time with Doc Brown and Marty Mcfly, when they travel back in time, and Marty’s existence is at stake.

#6 – Nigel Cole’s Made In Dagenham, starring Sally Hawkins, and Bob Hoskins, with a massive £674,059 for a week. A movie which exemplifies the Dagenham strike, that took place in the late 1960s, a time when women would protest against sexual discrimination.

#5 - The Hole - by director Joe Dante, with an astounding £700,763 for two weeks, a story of two brothers, who find a mysterious hole in their basement, that leads to them facing their worst fears and nightmares.

#4 - Eat, Pray, Love - With a huge £800,533, Ryan Murphy shares the story of a woman who’s not completely fulfilled with her marriage and decides to go in a different direction.

#3 - Buried - £820,631 for a week, Rodrigo Cortes introduces the story of a man who’s attacked and buried alive by Iraqis, with only a lighter and a mobile phone.

#2 - The Town - An eye-watering £890,309 weekend total for 2 weeks, director Ben Affleck highlights a story of gangs, crime, and romance. The Town is Affleck’s fourth production project, as a leading director since he began his directorial career in 1993.

#1 - The Other Guys - From director Adam McKay with a whopping £976,459 weekend total for three weeks. A movie about two guys who aspire to be like the New York cops they idolise, but things don’t go quite to plan.
The time has come for me to ask you a question...Which Hollywood gem are you going to see?

Thursday, 30 September 2010

Multi-Lingual Speakers: Hip-Hop \ Rap Goes International

Multi-lingual speakers, I know what you’re thinking this girl is crazy right? But wait, just hear me out for a minute. When you listen to hip-hop \ rap music, you probably have Drake, Lil Wayne, and other hip-hop classics blaring out of your stereo speakers. Have you ever considered listening to music from other countries? A country, that has really taken hip-hop \ rap music to the mainstream Is Turkey, with commercial and underground artists from Ceza to Sagopa Kajmer. The rapper I want to talk about today (Sept 30th 2010) is Sagopa Kajmer. Underground, and now commercial rapper Kajmer made his debut in 1999. With a mixtape release entitled ‘Kuvetmira’, which basically is a play on words meaning strength. He then, returned, with two more mixtape releases back in 2002 entitled 10 Kursun (10 bullets). Later he tied the knot with girlfriend Kolera, who’s also a rapper and collaborated with Kajmer. The Turkish rapper maintained his reputation, as a talented artist by releasing a further 7 albums to date. His latest project entitled ‘Bendeki Sen’ (You Are Of Me) the guy, who completely changed the music industry in Turkey by introducing hip-hop \Rap. So, take the time to listen to Kajmer, and other artists in Turkish rap. Check them out on Youtube, and other video sharing sites. Even if you don’t understand the lyrics, there’s no doubt that you will feel the flow when artists like Kajmer spit.

Monday, 13 September 2010

Tweet, Tweet – Twitterrific Celebs

Are you a Twıtter user? If not, then where have you been? Twitter, is the essential social networking site for celebrities that you know and love. It’s the best way to find out the latest news from your favourite celebrities themselves. What more can a fan want? If you’re a stranger to Twitter, don’t worry you’ll soon become friends. Maybe the burning question, for you is how does it work? Well, let me explain, for those who don’t know, it’s simple. Just follow your chosen celebrity’s official Twitter site, and that’s it. You can now receive their tweets the second they’re posted. Get short, and sweet tweets from the stars. So, who tweets? I hear you ask, since there are countless celebrities, who are registered with Twitter. It’s impossible for me to list them all right now, but here are just a few celebrities, who are popular and have the most followers according to

Lady GaGa (ladygaga) - 6,217,151 followers

Britney Spears (britneyspears) - 5,918,518 followers

Ashton Kutcher (aplusk) - 5,764,023 followers

Barack Obama (BarackObama) – 5,386,294 followers

Ellen DeGeneres (TheEllenShow) – 5,210,422 followers

Justin Bieber (justinbieber) – 5,197,799 followers

Kim Kardashian (KimKardashian) – 4,790,984 followers

Oprah Winfrey (Oprah) – 4,234,354 followers

Taylor Swift (taylorswift13) – 4,207,380 followers

Katy Perry (katyperry) – 3,668,837 followers

What are you waiting for? Join the exciting world of Twitter, and start following your favourite celebrities, and go backstage to their world. How many celebrities will you follow?

Saturday, 4 September 2010

Countdown To The MTV Video Music Awards 2010

Give me an ‘V’, give me an ‘M,’ give me an ‘A’, yes, you guessed it. The MTV Video Music Awards is going to take place on September 12th at 9pm in Los Angeles California. MTV confirms, this spectacular event is to be presented by a well-known US rapper Nicki Minaj, alongside R&B singer Ne-Yo, Selena Gomez, and many others. We all remember, Kanye West’s unexpected interruption during country, and pop singer Taylor Swift's acceptance speech last year. Well, would it surprise you, if I said Rocca Fella rapper is due to make a return to the VMA stage? Of course, it wouldn’t be the VMA’s without outstanding performances from Drake, to angelic voice Usher, but wait, that’s not all, because rock sensation Linkin Park is getting ready to return to the stage at this year’s VMAs, with a never before seen on TV performance of their song Catalyst. The list of this year’s performers is endless I don’t think I would have time to name them all here. Don’t be sad, it just means you have to tune into MTV on September 12th to find out. Come on, what do you expect? It’s the MTV Video Music Awards, obviously it’s going to go off with a bang as always. What would the VMAs be without competition, that’s right, you guessed it, it’s the nominees here are a few nominees:

Best Female Video
- Beyonce Ft Lady GaGa-Video Phone directed by Hype Williams
Katy Perry Ft Snoop Dogg California Gurls directed by Mathew Cullen
Ke$a Tik Tok directed by Syndrome
Lady GaGa Bad Romance directed by Francis Lawrence
Taylor Swift Fifteen directed by Roman White

Best Male Video – B.O.B Ft Hayley Williams Airplanes directed by Murai
Drake Find Your Love directed by Anthony Mandler
Eminem Not Afraid directed by Rich Lee
Jason Derulo In My Head directed by Kai Crawford
Usher Ft OMG directed by Anthony Mandler

Video Of The Year – 30 Secs. To Mars Kings & Queens directed by Bartholmew Cubbins
B.O.B Ft Hayley Williams Airplanes directed by Murai Eminem Not Afraid directed by Rich Lee
Florence & The Machine Dog Days Are Over directed by LEGS
Lady GaGa Bad Romance directed by Francis Lawrence
Lady GaGa Ft Beyonce Telephone directed by Jones Akerlund

Who will take home the most moon men at this year’s MTV Video Music Awards? Tune into MTV on September 12th at 9pm to find out.

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

A Book Review That Goes GaGa - Lady GaGa: Queen Of Pop

It’s time to go GaGa, over 21st century’s Queen Of Pop. Lady Gaga’s autobiography Lady GaGa: Queen Of Pop, written by Emily Herbert. The book, uncovers some hidden truths about the eccentric GaGa, who first released her debut album ‘Fame,’ back in January 2009.
Lady GaGa, who’s known by family, and close friends as Stefani. She also shared the same classroom, with the Hilton sisters at Sacred Heart Catholic School. The book, goes onto reveal the Poker-Face singer, to have a strong fashion sense, she was also a straight A student.

As I mentioned earlier, GaGa had a strong interest in fashion during her teenage years. Her ambition was to be a fashion stylist, however, that all changed when she got into drama and music. Before she became the centre of attention in the music business, GaGa was actually a burlesque dancer.

If you’re one of those people, who like to know what goes on behind closed doors, then this is the book for you. The autobiography, reveals GaGa’s inner- most secrets, and exposes the close relationship she has with her family, especially with her father. As you read on, you begin to realise that you delve deeper into GaGa’s life. As she talks about a time she went from being a good straight A student, to an out of control cocaine addict. She continues to explain, how difficult of an ordeal it was for her, not only being dependent on a substance, but also how she could have lost everything including her family.
Once Gaga was introduced to the music industry, she became known as the performer with a difference. In 2009, she performed at The Royal Varity Show in the UK where she shook hands with the Queen. It’s safe to say, this lady is going to stay with us for a long time, and continue to make a unique statement within the music industry.

If you’re a GaGa fan, and you want to get to know the real lady, then pick up this book, and enter the world of the pop singer.

Saturday, 3 July 2010

Sprinkle A Little Hollywood Bling To Your Book Collection

Anyone who knows me, knows I’m not much of a bookworm. However, it did get me thinking, and inspired me to investigate, who in Hollywood and the music industry is the bookworm. Dedicated readers often describe reading, as films in your head, imagination takes you anywhere right? If you’re a book lover, then this is the article for you. Sprinkle a little Hollywood bling to your book collection, and check out the fictional adventures celebrities experience. Ok, now back to Hollywood, who in Hollywood is regularly going on fictional adventures? Hmmm well, let’s see:

Angelina Jolie - The sexiest woman alive in Hollywood, picked up 'Vlad the Impaler', in search of the real Dracula by M.J Trow, the story of a 15th century bloodsucking vampire and the adventures of his life.

Natalie Portman - Another Hollywood actress who took a significant role in the play ‘The Diary Of Anne Frank,’ written by Anne Frank herself. This book tells the story of a 13-year-old Jewish girl describing the horrifying experiences of WWII. When you put this into consideration, you can understand why she would pick up this book, so that she can get into character.

Denzel Washington – The man who made ‘Training Day’ a classic and unforgettable movie of all time. He includes ‘Siddhartha’ author Hermon Hesse to his reading list, the tale that describes a young man’s voyage to enlightenment, and goes onto open the door to the life of a Buddha, while on this journey, he discovers the concept of compassion and peace.

Mel Gibson – Braveheart and director of the most controversial movie of 2004, ‘The Passion Of The Christ’, Gibson’s favourite book is Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451, which takes place in a fictional American society, Bradbury’s book got released as a Hollywood movie in 1996.

Nicole Kidman – Hollywood Australian actress who entered the fictional and magical world of ‘The Chronicles Of Narnia, a magical kingdom created by C.S. Lewis, a world where animals can talk and good wins over evil.

Catherine Zeta-Jones – The Welsh Hollywood actress who starred in countless movies including 2002’s Chicago and 2005’s Mask Of Zorro. The wife of Michael Douglas favourite paperback is by F. Scott Fitzgerald entitled ‘The Great Getsby’, this novel is also known as an American classic which depicts a period that followed WWI.

Will Smith – Actor/rapper, a man who has maintained a secure place in Hollywood, who knew that he would still be following his dreams with his favourite paperback ‘The Alchemist’ a compelling tale by Paulo Coehlo which focuses around a shepherd boy named Santiago who is on the path for hidden treasure.

Kate WinsletTitanic star reads the story about a woman, who’s trapped in an unhappy marriage to her first cousin in ‘Theresse Raquin’ by Emile Zola, the tale continues as the unhappy woman plans to murder her husband with the help of her secret lover.

Alec Baldwin30 Rock star can’t seem to put one book down in particular ‘To Kill A Mockingbird’ by Harper Lee, another American classic which focuses around racial injustice in the South during the Great Depression.

Russell Crowe – The man behind the Hollywood classic ‘The Gladiator’ seems to be Studs Terkel’s readers, reading ‘Anything, Coming Of Age and P.S. Further Thoughts From A Lifetime Of Listening’ Terkel’s main subject area surrounds the history of America.

We have come to the end of this exciting list so, let me ask you which one of these books has caught your attention, if any even have? Why not sink your head in an exciting book and get reading? Who knows where your imagination can take you.

Sunday, 27 June 2010

Imperfect Hollywood

As we all know, we don’t live in a perfect world. No one’s perfect it doesn’t exist, even if you’re a multiplatinum musician or a Hollywood icon. Many celebrities we’ve come to know and love actually have learning, and non-visible disabilities. Did you know, that Earl Simmons, better known as DMX a successful rapper, and actor was bi polar during his teenage years? Bipolar is best described as manic depression. DMX made his name within the hip-hop/rap industry with numerous albums, including ‘Flesh Of My Flesh, Blood Of My Blood, and Then There Was X. Simmons addressed his struggles with bipolar in his 2000 album. ‘It’s Dark & Hell Is Hot’. Fans of the X, don’t be disappointed though, the outstanding rapper released his latest self titled album in March this year. Let’s not only talk about DMX to be the only celebrity who’s diagnosed with this disorder. Russell Brand, the British comedian is included in this list. In an interview with TimeOut magazine, Brand was asked;

“You were bulimic and into self harm as a teenager, have you ever been diagnosed with any mental illnesses?”

Brand replied; "Yes, depression and manic depression and more latterly, bipolar attention deficit disorder, hyperactivity. It's difficult to know which of those diagnoses are correct, because most of the time I was very young and on drugs.”

This hasn’t stopped Brand from being the comedic genius he is today, as he recently appeared in ‘Get Him To The Greek alongside Jonah Hill and Sean P.Diddy Combs.

Who’s next? Well, what about the incredible Hulk? Yes, I’m talking about Lou Ferrigno, who is 60% deaf from infections he caught during childhood. In an interview with, Ferrigno says “I believe I had fairly bad ear infections very soon after birth, and in that time I lost some 75 to 80% of my hearing. He goes onto say, I think my hearing loss helped create a determination within me to be all that I can be, and gave me certain strength of character too. Anytime I do a movie or a TV show, I make them aware of my hearing loss at the beginning, and that makes it much easier for all of us to communicate and get the job done".

The body builder also doesn’t forget to mention, while working out at the gym, he wears a set of hearing aids. This means he, like the other celebrities, I have mentioned are able to successfully manage their disabilities with positive thinking, drugs, enhanced technology, and willpower.

Despite having a disability, these celebrities have still managed to get on with their lives, and overcome the boundaries that face them. In Ferrigno’s case, he doesn’t see his disability, as a negative impact on his career or life. Ferrigno sees his condition as motivation. So, what’s the moral of this story, well, you can do anything you set your mind to, keep your head up and you’ll pull through!

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Fully Recovered - The Return Of A King: Recovery Reviewed

Fully recovered, and returned as the king. Who am I talking about? Eminem dropped his highly anticipated album Recovery on June 21st of this year. In my opinion, he has reclaimed his rightful position back on the throne. This outstanding album, describes his struggle, not only with drugs, but also opens the doors, to his personal life. Em shares his feelings over the loss of his long term best friend, and member of D12, Proof, who passed in April of 2006. With ‘Your Never Over,’ Em clearly shows he is still grieving three years later. He raps,

"Homie I know I’m, never gonna be the same with you
I woulda never came in this game, I’m going insane without you
Matter of fact it was just the other night, had another dream about you
You told me to get up, I got up and spread my wings and I flew
You gave me a reason to fight, I was on my way to see you
You told me nah Doodi you’re not layin’ on that table I knew
I was gonna make it, soon as you said think of Hailie, I knew
There wasn’t no way that I was gonna ever leave them babies, and Proof not many are lucky enough to have a guardian angel like you
Lord I’m so thankful, please don’t think I don’t feel grateful, I do
Just grant me the strength that I need, for one more day to get through
So homie this is your song, I dedicate this to you
I love you Doodi"

In an interview with Angela Yee on Shade45, the rapper's official Internet radio station. Em claimed that Recovery is going to be another level, totally different to his 2009 album release ‘Relapse’. Boy is it different, Recovery features a number of unexpected collaborations, from rock/pop chick with an attitude Pink, to R&B singer Rihanna, let’s not forget, Lil Wayne and Kobe too. These collaborations create a whole new vibe, making this album unique in its own right. But wait, there’s more, Em also introduces a selection of producers, from Just Blaze, Boi-1da, DJ Khalil, alongside many others, including Dr Dre and Eminem himself.

On several occasions, the multi-platinum selling rapper takes the time to address his thoughts on his previous albums. Encore, which released in 2004, and Relapse, his 2009 release. In songs ‘Talkin 2 Myself,’ and the new single ‘Not Afraid’, he states that he wasn’t entirely happy with these two projects.

“The last two albums don’t count, Encore I was on drugs and Relapse I was flushing em out, I’ve come to make it up to ya no more f**king around, I’ve got something to prove to fans cuz I feel like I let em down so please accept my apology, I finally feel I’m back to normal, I’m me again.”

Recovery has everything for everyone from sick love songs, to the rebirth of a hip-hop/rap icon. The album is an announcement, to Em’s official return to the game. The sensational rapper we’ve all been waiting for is back. Don’t expect this project to have the funny accents, which many fans found annoying. The accents first appeared in 2004 with Encore, and continued with Relapse in 2009. Well, not anymore, because it no longer exists.

Take a second, to rewind back to 2000, and 2002 when the ‘Marshall Mathers LP, and The Eminem Show was released. Put Recovery on playback, and it’ll be like da ja vu. The sick, and twisted persona of Slim Shady, with the struggle of Marshall Mathers, and the sense of humour of Eminem, still exists today. Experience the struggle, with ‘Talkin’ 2 Myself’, ‘Going Through Changes’, ‘25 to Life’, and ‘Not Afraid’. Enjoy the twisted mind of Slim Shady, with ‘Love The Way You Lie, and Space Bound.

Fall to the floor laughing, with Eminem in the company of WTP (White Trash Party), So Bad, and Cold Wind Blows.

The Recovery album packaging is simple, but unique at the same time, fans have the choice to choose between two cover designs. You can have your cake and eat it too. Amazing beats, and outstanding lyrical flow, what more can a fan ask for?

Let's welcome Em back to the game, and add this sensational album to your collection. Buy the album, at a store near you or buy Recovery on iTunes. Get two exclusive bonus tracks with the Deluxe edition, start your Recovery process today.

Saturday, 12 June 2010

IPhone/IPod Touch - The Sparkling World Of The App Store - Music Edition Reviewed

I’m going to do something a little different today, what do you say we go a little techmanic? before we get started, I want to ask you a question. Do you own an IPhone\IPod Touch? Yes? Then, there’s no doubt it’s filled with 100s of apps designed to make your life just a little bit that easier. Yeah, well that’s what this remarkable device is made for right? I’m sure you all know, there are apps out there in the App Store to satisfy your music and entertainment needs. I just came across five today. Oh, and if you're wondering, they’re all FREE in the App store so download like a maniac. So, here it is:

Pink – Developer Aurnhammer LLC: The rock\pop chick with an attitude, this app has everything fans of Pink could ever ask for. It’s packed with news, latest tour dates, and images including album photo shoots, live performances, and mini Pink. But wait, that’s not all, because this app also has the successful artist’s music videos which directly link to Youtube, allowing the user to watch the music videos to their most loved songs. Songs from her latest album, ‘Funhouse’ released in October 2008. This fun packed app, also includes previews of Pink’s discography. The user has the freedom to buy albums straight from their iPhone\iPod Touch. Let’s not forget the user friendly UI, there is so much going on in this app that it’s impossible for me to talk about them individually. If you want everything P!nk, then this is the app for you. Overall I give this app 4/5.

Madonna – Developer Mobile Rodie brings you Madonna. This official iPhone\iPod Touch app which celebrates the life, career, and contribution to music. When you first load this app, you’re pleasantly surprised with a photo of the legendary singer along with a Madonna track. Everything Madonna is right on your iPhone/iPod Touch at your fingertips. Users can preview her music, and stay up to date with the latest news, photos, books and career. However, if I was to compare this to Pink’s app, I would say Madonna offers a lot more, as it not only allows users to be added to the official Madonna mailing list, but gives users insight on her past shows. Users can interact with the app more by having the option to connect with Facebook, and Twitter accounts. So, because of the added features, I would like to give this app an overall rating of 5/5.

Ritz Rock The Block With Wyclef Jean - If you’ve played Tapulous’s Tap Tap Revenge, then this might seem familiar to you, as the concept is pretty much the same. However, I don’t know if it’s just me, but I found it really difficult to use this app, purely because I didn’t think it was responsive enough. The aim of the game is to hit the Ritz cracker tokens as soon as they reach the hit zone in time with the music. One other thing I’ve noticed, the app doesn’t provide information on the artist at all. It's purely designed for gaming purposes, putting all this into consideration, I give this app an overall rating of 1\5.

Dizzie Rascal– Developer Music Network App brings you the app dedicated to British rapper Dizzie Rascal that’s sure to make you ‘bonkers’. This app is filled with everything that’s Dizzie Rascal, from song, and video snippets to artist biography, and photos, the only thing this app is missing is a news section, which makes it pretty basic and limited. For that reason I give this app an overall rating of 3/5.

Justin Bieber Channel – Developer Aigoo launches the Justin Bieber Channel. An app dedicated to the young pop singer of the new generation, this app offers so much to Bieber lovers. Users have a chance to view photos, and get the latest news on Justin. That’s not all, because you also get extras where you can see live concert footage, links to Bieber’s Twitter, his official website, and Youtube channel. It’s interactive, and fun. If you’re a Justin Bieber super fan then download this app, and enter the world of Justin Bieber, you won’t regret it. Oh yeah, before I forget this app gets 5/5.

Go ahead, why not add one or more of these apps to your app catalogue, and give yourself one more reason NOT to put your iPhone/iPod Touch down.

Friday, 4 June 2010

Are You Ready For The MTV Movie Awards 2010?

The time has come once again, who will take home the most popcorn at this year’s MTV Movie awards? It’s certainly going to be the Hollywood movie event to look forward to. It’s what you would expect from an award show, but with a little twist. For the first time ever on the MTV Movie awards, movie lovers will be able to vote for an award. There will be a category where international viewers of MTV, and it’s growing online community will have the chance to decide the winner of ‘the Global superstar’.

So, the ball is in your court, who will be your favourite global superstar? Here are the nominees; Twilight’s heart-throb Robert Pattinson or his female co-star Kirsten Stewart, maybe not? OK, how do you feel about Oscar winner and star of The Blind Side Sandra Bullock no? Wait, I’m not done yet what about Alice in Wonderland’s Mad Hatter and Hollywood hunk Johnny Depp? And the winner is...?? Oh yeah, I almost forgot that’s where you come in!

But that’s not all, let’s not forget that ‘Funny People’ star Aziz Ansari will be hosting this spectacular movie event. The MTV Movie awards just wouldn’t be complete without a musical line up, the artists scheduled to take the stage are Christina Aguilera, Katy Perry, and Snoop Dogg, who recently was confirmed to perform at this year’s movie awards.

Hold on, let me just introduce you to a list of presenters that are giving away awards to the winners, MTV have confirmed the following celebrities;

Adam Sandler
Chris Rock
Kevin James
Rob Schneider
David Spade

And many more, tune into MTV to find out who else will be included in this A* list. There is so much to look forward to, the show will feature exclusive sneak peeks of not one, but two upcoming movies, Twilight Saga: Eclipse and Harry Potter & The Deathly Hollows.

This year’s movie awards will take place in the movie capital, better known as Los Angeles California, on Sunday June 6th at 9pm EST. Be sure to catch this unforgettable movie event of the year, and get ready for the MTV Movie Awards 2010.

Sunday, 30 May 2010

Sign Up To The Glee Club

Have you signed up to Glee club yet? From the creator of Nip\Tuck, Ryan Murphy introduces Glee. A brand new US comedy that may easily be compared to Kenny Ortega’s High School Musical series, as the next generation of musical comedies. The story behind Glee is simple, a strong-minded teacher, William Schuester, (Matthew Morrison) at Mckinley High School, help a group of teens realise their full potential. The series depicts a stereotypical perspective of high school life. It's reality, something that all teen students can experience while at school. Students are catagorised into groups, from the popular, to the not so popular. Things start to go wrong, when the club isn't such a big hit on launch day, Schuester’s mission is to prove people wrong, and show them that everybody, is a somebody in this world.
After watching a few episodes of Glee, I have to admit, it did raise some questions in my mind; like, does it inspire the average viewer to get out there, and sign up for the Glee club at their school? Here are a few pros and cons I’ve listed, you don’t have to agree with me, I just wanted to get my thoughts out there, OK, so, let’s start with:

The Pros:

1) One thing that sticks out to me the most is its a realistic portrayal of high school life. It allows the audience, to relate to the show effortlessly. A show like Glee can really inspire viewers, and encourage them to love music, and get involved with after school activities, such as ‘signing up for the glee club’. The split between the popular, and the not so popular students, are brought together with the Glee club. Proving the fact that no matter where you are in the popularity chain, you can still ‘be cool’, as long as you be yourself.

2) Glee delivers a strong message, and that is, ‘even when you’re down, get up, and try again, because in the end, you’ll only come out stronger!’

The Cons:

1) Personally, I’m not a huge fan of musicals it can be a little annoying to watch. Especially, when characters start singing, and dancing, almost every 2-3 minutes throughout the show. It happens so frequently, and when you least expect it. You start to question yourself on how, and why that song relates to the current situation. I don’t know, maybe it’s just me, who knows, but in my opinion, that has to be one of the negative aspects of the show.

2) Another thing, I’d like to add to my list of cons, if this is a musical\comedy I would’ve liked to see the show with their own songs. Cover versions of songs can only go so far. For example, in the pilot episode, the cast sung a cover version of ‘Don’t Stop Believin,’ originally released in 1982, by Journey a rock band, who first emerged in San Francisco California, in the early 70s.

In another episode, we have another cover version, but this time it’s a song from rock legend Areosmith with 'Dream On,' originally released in 1973. I mean come on, we’ve heard these songs already, why not bring something new to the table?

Maybe this is not such a bad thing, something tells me this is the show’s way of introducing old songs, to a new generation of viewers. People who aren’t old enough to know those tracks of course, when you think of it like that, then I guess it makes sense. It’s understandable, even if that is the case, it still wouldn’t hurt to also have a new collection of tracks that are not cover versions.

However, putting that aside, I do believe that the show sends a positive, and inspirational message to its audience, and that is, "you can do anything you set your mind to, nothing is impossible."

So, are you ready to sing till your heart’s content? Go check it out, I’m sure, sooner or later you’ll be saying, “I’m Glee!”

Thursday, 20 May 2010

Adidas - The Three Stripes Of Music

Have you ever wondered how, and why Adidas, the iconic sports brand with its symbolic three stripe design; started a relationship with the music industry particularly with hip-hop \ rap? The love first began back in 1986, when Run DMC made a fashion statement, and released a song entitled ‘My Adidas’. The song put the world famous sports brand back on the map. It was from that moment on, when the relationship strengthened. Adidas was everywhere, many of the celebrities we’ve known, and love started to follow the trend that Run DMC started. Since the 1990s, Adidas was the number one choice with hip-hop artists, as the brand developed street credibility with stars and music lovers alike.

Many music artists have worn Adidas trainers, and some have featured them in their videos such as Missy Elliott, Kanye West, Snoop Dogg, Young Jeezy and Lil Wayne. If you notice in Lil Wayne’s music video for his track Lollipop, he is actually wearing a pair of white and navy three striped Adidas trainers. I think it’s fair to say, Adidas is everywhere in music, and in popular culture which brings me to the question who are the latest celebrities who have made an endorsement to Adidas? Well, we all know that Missy Elliott is up there supporting the sportswear company, but who else is there? Hmmm well in 2009\10, the global sportswear company launched Adidas Originals where celebrities added their name to the list of endorses from rapper Young Jeezy, David Beckham, and Ciara, who are featured in the new Adidas Originals advert for the new 2010 collection. The new advert is described as a house party filled with well-known celebrities such as British R&B singer Estelle, and US rappers Young Jeezy, Redman and Method Man.

In another Adidas advert entitled ‘Where Originality Lives’ features many other music artists, such as Alicia Keys, Snoop Dogg, and British rock band Oasis.
Adidas has become the fashion label of hip-hop, and popular culture since the 1990s. It’s still going strong maintaining its street cred’ reputation, and remains the number one choice amongst celebrities. There’s no doubt that the global sports brand will be making future endorsements with the music industry, and still come out to be original. Let’s sit back and enjoy the party, and watch the love last forever.

Friday, 14 May 2010

World Cup Kick Off Celebrity Style

FIFA has announced the big musical line up for 2010 World Cup, it’s scheduled to kick off on June 10th of this year. Music artists, are getting ready to kick off World Cup celebrations as the first whistle is due to blow next month. Major performers like Black Eyed Peas, and angelic voice Alicia Keys have been confirmed that they will take centre stage in South Africa, alongside Shakira and many other famous names.

Local artists are also due to make an appearance at this special concert event, from folk singer Vusi Mahlasela to rock bands such as BLK JKS. The successful hip-hop group B.E.P, and R&B sensation Alicia keys were verified to perform on March 17th by FIFA. Artists are excited to be part of this three-hour spectacular event that is scheduled to take place at the Orlando Stadium in the well-known Johannesburg township of Soweto.

FIFA director of TV Niclas Ericson told the official website of the FIFA corporation;

"We wanted to have an electric, international mix of music genres to appeal to as many people as possible around the world whilst at the same time showcasing the immense home-grown talent of the host".

Sit back, and enjoy the ride because the FIFA World Cup is only weeks away. It will be a time to remember, and it's definitely going to make you say Boom Boom Pow!

Thursday, 13 May 2010

The Reoccurring Nightmare - Freddy's Back

One, two Freddy is coming for you, three, four, you better lock your door. That’s right Freddy’s back once again, and haunting you in your reoccurring nightmare. The 1984 horror classic ‘A Nightmare On Elm St’ is back, with a new director Samuel Bayer. The concept and storyline is what you might expect from the original nightmare series.

This time around, audiences get a chance to get to know the teenage villain with a metallic hand. What can I say about Freddy Krueger, (Jackie Earle Haley) the guy who still wears the same red, and green jumper with that brown hat he wore 25 years ago.

Come on, I know what you must be thinking it can’t all be bad. To be honest no it’s not, you can still get a few scares out of this movie, and still enjoy it for what it is. ‘A classic horror’ that still has gory, and gruesome dream sequences that reminds audiences what Freddy is really about.

The story of 5 teenagers who "Never Sleep Again' in order to avoid coming face to face with evil. Decide for yourself, if you would like to meet Freddy once again on the big screen, and experience the reoccurring nightmare.

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Checked Out Of Relapse, Now In Recovery....

The day we have all been waiting for has finally arrived, rapper Eminem has explained the reasons why he refuses to Relapse for a second time. The announcement was made on Eminem’s official website yesterday (14th April) with a straight to the point tweet post saying “Recovery”.

It was revealed by the superstar’s record label Interscope Records, the album is expected to release in June 2010. The upcoming album entitled Recovery, includes first time collaborations with US rappers from Just Blaze to Boi-1da.

The multi-platinum selling rapper originally planned to release the sequel to Relapse. Things changed, whilst working with new producers, the whole idea of Relapse 2 slipped away, and became illogical. Eminem said, the new material is very unique from Relapse and deserves its very own album.

So lets get in line and be a part of Em's Recovery, and let King Mathers sit on his throne. The time has come for the rapper with a sense of humour to say 'Guess who's back? Back again'...

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Relapse 2 Officially Cancelled

Prodigy of Rap Eminem recently announced on Twitter earlier today, (April 14th) that Relapse 2 is no longer scheduled for a release. The follow up was originally due to release in 2009, but was later postponed, due to the re-release of Relapse entitled Relapse: Refill. The rapper’s previous tweet posted on March 29th stated, “And don’t worry. Some big news is coming. Soon.” which prepared the fans for the unexpected.

But come on, let’s not be disappointed, Shady has confirmed he's returning to Europe this summer, as he’s making an appearance at T In The Park in Scotland and Oxegen in Ireland; where Em’ could possibly deliver new material on stage.

Going back to the idea of maybe releasing an album later in 2010? Well, it could happen. Sources say, the rapper just might release an album with a new title in 2010.

I guess we have no option but to wait, and see when the rapper with a sense of humour will release his next studio album. As he decorates a blank piece of paper with amazing lyrics that will reminds us all once again, why he is King Mathers. All that’s left to say is, “you can’t rush a masterpiece.”

Monday, 22 March 2010

Lost For One Last Time

Do you consider yourself to be a diehard religious fan of Lost? Are you tired of watching, and getting ‘lost’ within the genius mind of Lost’s creators Carlton Cuse, and Damien Lindalof. Well don’t worry, the creators have confirmed all the burning questions will be answered in season 6, the very last chapter to this epic adventure which began in 2004. No one can deny the way audiences got so hooked, and glued to their TV sets with a storyline that’s so confusing, but at the same time so addicting. It’s safe to say, there’s no other TV show like it. Fans worldwide are of course deeply disappointed, the saga is coming to an end however, relived that questions are finally being answered.

Terry O’Quin, the guy who plays the infamous John Locke confirmed to Sky1, fans definitely start getting the answers to their burning questions, such as who, or what is the black smoke monster? What happened to Claire? There’s no doubt, the final season of this epic drama will still have you lost within its own mysteries until we reach the final climax, and be amazed with what we witnessed in the final episode of season 6. So, be prepared for the unexpected as we return to the island for one last time.

50 Cent Casts Black Magic

Curtis 50 Cent Jackson is due to release his new album, entitled ‘Black Magic’ in 2010. After being on tour with his crew G-Unit for a month 50 said, inspiration for the upcoming studio project struck, when he went to an after party in Norway, and heard a unique style of music. - “It’s a little different music going on before I got there.

They play your music when you come...the music they played before they started playing a lot of what I created was more up-tempo, more dance. I wanted to make a song like that,” and so Black Magic was born. The outstanding rapper went into the studio with G-Unit, and the creative process began the sensational rapper doesn’t forget to mention the new album has a totally different vibe, and fans can expect the unexpected.

Multi-platinum selling rapper 50 Cent refuses to be placed in one category within the music industry, and insists on introducing new styles of music.

Curtis Jackson, better known as 50 cent’s amazing career took centre stage, when he hooked up with the controversial rapper with a sense of humour Eminem, and legendary producer Dr. Dre back in 2003. His hit album, ‘Get Rich Or Die Tryin,’ sold over 872,000 copies in its first week of release. A project that has Dr.Dre, and Eminem’s signature as album producers.

Monday, 8 March 2010

Is This Really It?

June 25th 2009 - what are we most likely to remember why is this date significant? Hmm maybe it’s the death of legendary 'King Of Pop' Michael Jackson? Although I'm not a religious fan of Jackson however, he was my childhood musical icon.

There's no doubt Jackson was, and still is one of the most influential, and inspirational music artists with a track record that goes as far as 40 years. Inspiring artists from Justin Timberlake to Usher.

The man, who introduced the moonwalk back in 1983, the man who maintained an incredible career with songs like Thriller’ and Billie Jean. Jackson’s solo career really took off with the release of the Thriller album in 1982, selling over 50 million copies worldwide, and making it the best selling record of all time. It’s safe to say that Jackson’s death shook the world, as millions of fans worldwide, not only mourned for the entertainer, but also celebrated his contribution to the music industry.

On July 7th, a public memorial was held for the King Of Pop at Staples Centre in Los Angeles, the last place Michael Jackson rehearsed for the O2 concerts in London, a few weeks before his sudden death. Over 1.6m devoted fans applied for Jackson’s memorial tickets to say their goodbyes, and pay their final respects to the singer. However, only 17,500 fans gained entry, fans who were not lucky enough to get their hands on a ticket turned to their TV sets, and watched the memorial live, with a total of 31m viewers in the US alone, and a billion worldwide. Jackson’s golden coffin took centre stage surrounded by beautiful flowers.

Since Jackson’s death was broadcasted on June 25th, record sales have dramatically increased hours after the announcement, taking its top 20 spot on Amazon and HMV UK sales chart. There’s no doubt that the King Of Pop’s legacy will live forever. Jackson vowed to change the world in many of his songs like ‘Man In The Mirror,’ and 'Earth Song,' he definitely accomplished that by changing the music industry, and becoming an everlasting musical icon. He’ll continue to be an inspiration to upcoming, and existing artists of the music industry. His contribution, and dedication to the industry will forever secure his title as the King Of Pop.

By October 2009, High School Musical's director Kenny Ortega signed up for a once in a lifetime opportunity, when he introduced a documented project entitled 'Michael Jackson's This is It.' The production includes exclusive rehearsal footage of the upcoming series of concerts that was planned to begin in July. Fans and movie lovers alike had to act fast as 'This is It' graced the big screen for only two weeks.

The documentary was originally created for Michael's personal archives, however director Ortega released the footage as a motion picture, and felt it was important for fans and music lovers to see the 'creative genius' in action, and let fans see Michael like never before.

Since June 25th 2009, many people began to speculate, and question the death of Jackson. So much so that theories have started to emerge, fans of Jackson believe the 'King Of Pop' has faked his own death. These fans have opened death hoax forums, websites, and not forgetting Youtube video uploads expressing their personal opinions on what actually happened on June 25th. Believers go onto suggest that Jackson may well be alive.

Believers of the death hoax are convinced as a humanitarian, MJ's mission in life is to spread love and live in a peaceful world.

Death hoax investigators are committed to discovering the real story behind Jackson's alleged death. So who knows, we might be in for a huge surprise, as the legend himself once said "It's an adventure, it's a great adventure...It's all for love -L.O.V.E". So, ask yourself are you ready to go on this adventure and face the ultimate truth?

Saturday, 6 March 2010

Eminem Relapsed - Album Review

Do you remember when you Relapsed on May 19th of 2009? When music lovers said hello once again to the rapper with a sense of humour. I remember it like it was yesterday, the rush of excitement waiting for the album to drop. In the summer of 2009, after having a copy of the album for a couple of weeks, it inspired me to write a review.

Guess who’s back? Yes, the incredible rapper with a sense of humour, Marshall Mathers, better known as Eminem finally relapsed on May 19th of 2009. The long awaited album entitled ‘Relapse’ finally dropped. It's been five years since his last solo project Encore in 2004. During his five-year break, the legendary rapper checked into rehab back in 2005, in order to overcome his long-term addiction to sleeping pills. Now he’s back, with another album that quickly made double platinum in the first few weeks of its release, selling over 2m copies sold worldwide. The rapper once again, joined forces with his long-term friend, and a master of hip-hop \ rap beats, producer Dr Dre.

Eminem is known for his controversy, the rapper with a twisted sense of humour fails to disappoint with this project. Relapse, like Em’s previous solo projects, include random attacks towards celebrities of the popular culture, from Lyndsy Lohan to Britney Spears.

Relapse also opens the doors to Eminem’s difficult ordeal of drugs and rehab, with songs like ‘Dejavu, and 3 AM’ which sets the scene, letting his fans, and others around the world know his reasons for his five year absence.

Since the recent release of Relapse, Eminem adds more celebrities to his list of enemies, including Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey, with a Relapse track Bagpipes from Baghdad.

Fans can definitely look forward to the follow up to Relapse in the near future entitled ‘Relapse 2’. It’s safe to say, the world hasn’t seen the last of the superstar rapper, so go check into Relapse, buy the album.

There it is, my thoughts on Relapse of course, as we all know Eminem, later released a remake of the album entitled Relapse: Refill, which includes seven bonus tracks a double CD edition. So let's give the man his props, and continue to support him with his outstanding contribution to hip-hop and rap music.