Monday, 22 March 2010

Lost For One Last Time

Do you consider yourself to be a diehard religious fan of Lost? Are you tired of watching, and getting ‘lost’ within the genius mind of Lost’s creators Carlton Cuse, and Damien Lindalof. Well don’t worry, the creators have confirmed all the burning questions will be answered in season 6, the very last chapter to this epic adventure which began in 2004. No one can deny the way audiences got so hooked, and glued to their TV sets with a storyline that’s so confusing, but at the same time so addicting. It’s safe to say, there’s no other TV show like it. Fans worldwide are of course deeply disappointed, the saga is coming to an end however, relived that questions are finally being answered.

Terry O’Quin, the guy who plays the infamous John Locke confirmed to Sky1, fans definitely start getting the answers to their burning questions, such as who, or what is the black smoke monster? What happened to Claire? There’s no doubt, the final season of this epic drama will still have you lost within its own mysteries until we reach the final climax, and be amazed with what we witnessed in the final episode of season 6. So, be prepared for the unexpected as we return to the island for one last time.

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