Saturday, 6 March 2010

Eminem Relapsed - Album Review

Do you remember when you Relapsed on May 19th of 2009? When music lovers said hello once again to the rapper with a sense of humour. I remember it like it was yesterday, the rush of excitement waiting for the album to drop. In the summer of 2009, after having a copy of the album for a couple of weeks, it inspired me to write a review.

Guess who’s back? Yes, the incredible rapper with a sense of humour, Marshall Mathers, better known as Eminem finally relapsed on May 19th of 2009. The long awaited album entitled ‘Relapse’ finally dropped. It's been five years since his last solo project Encore in 2004. During his five-year break, the legendary rapper checked into rehab back in 2005, in order to overcome his long-term addiction to sleeping pills. Now he’s back, with another album that quickly made double platinum in the first few weeks of its release, selling over 2m copies sold worldwide. The rapper once again, joined forces with his long-term friend, and a master of hip-hop \ rap beats, producer Dr Dre.

Eminem is known for his controversy, the rapper with a twisted sense of humour fails to disappoint with this project. Relapse, like Em’s previous solo projects, include random attacks towards celebrities of the popular culture, from Lyndsy Lohan to Britney Spears.

Relapse also opens the doors to Eminem’s difficult ordeal of drugs and rehab, with songs like ‘Dejavu, and 3 AM’ which sets the scene, letting his fans, and others around the world know his reasons for his five year absence.

Since the recent release of Relapse, Eminem adds more celebrities to his list of enemies, including Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey, with a Relapse track Bagpipes from Baghdad.

Fans can definitely look forward to the follow up to Relapse in the near future entitled ‘Relapse 2’. It’s safe to say, the world hasn’t seen the last of the superstar rapper, so go check into Relapse, buy the album.

There it is, my thoughts on Relapse of course, as we all know Eminem, later released a remake of the album entitled Relapse: Refill, which includes seven bonus tracks a double CD edition. So let's give the man his props, and continue to support him with his outstanding contribution to hip-hop and rap music.

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