Monday, 28 February 2011

Dr. Dre I Need A Doctor -Reviewed

The super-heroes of rap are back, Dr. Dre released his music video for his next single 'I Need A Doctor' Dr.Dre, featuring his rap sidekick Eminem, the video got its world premiere earlier this week.

'I Need A Doctor’ is the second single from Dre’s long awaited album Detox. This heart-felt and moving track expresses the emotional, and strong connection between the two rap tycoons.

This amazing song deserves an amazing video, and that’s what it delivers. ‘I Need A Doctor,’ portrays the rise, and fall of one of the greatest hip-hop/rap producers of all time. The connotation of this video is out there, right in front of you, it suggests that Eminem gave Dre the strength to go on, and inspired Dre to continue in this rap game. When everyone turned their back on him, Em was the only one there.

The Detox track begins with a date (February 18th 2001) this date holds some relevance, but I still haven’t figured out what the significance is yet. Dre is sitting on a rock, watching the view, meanwhile, he reminisces on his life. We see short and meaningful clips of Dre, his family, and his early days of NWA.

Later, we see Dre driving at high speed in a sports car that matches his charisma. It crashes, turns up in the air, and violently hits the concrete floor. Dre is in what looks like an oxygen chamber, with Eminem watching over him, and Skylar Grey above in a ghostly presence.

As the video goes on, we see Dre slowly coming back to life. While Em spits his verse, Dre builds up the energy to go on with his life. This suggests how they both motivate each other to be the best they can be. ‘I Need A Doctor,’ cleverly demonstrate the true factor of life and death, along with true friendship.

To check out the full video, don’t delay, watch the world premiere on Youtube and to capture the true meaning of life and friendship.

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Celebrity Survivors -Cancer K.O.'d

Following my review of The Big C, I wanted to write a new post on celebrities who have survived their battle with cancer.

Here is a list of celebrity cancer survivors:

Kylie Minogue: Australian superstar diva who has battled with breast cancer, came out of the other side stronger then before. Her fight with cancer inspired others particular young women with an earlier diagnosis.

Lance Armstrong: A professional US road-racing cyclist, who was diagnosed with testicular cancer in 1998. The doctors expected Armstrong to have a 2% survival chance as the cancer spread to his vital organs.

Steve Jobs : CEO of Apple Inc. diagnosed with pancreatic cancer six years ago. He was once the ex chief executive of Disney’s Pixar. Due to his diagnosis, Jobs recently announced a leave of absence; he is now working from home.

Olivia Newton John: The face of the musical classic Greese, and the singer of ‘Let’s Get Physical’ was detected with breast cancer in 1992. She is now a dedicated donator to breast cancer charities.

The Big C - Reviewed

What can I say about The Big C? It’s a breath of fresh air for people, who are fighting the same battle every single day of their lives. The best way to describe The Big C to someone who’s never seen it, it’s an uplifting comedy on a subject that isn’t always comfortably approached and discussed. However, with this in consideration, it was very well handled. The Big C, creator Darlene Hunt, tells the story of a woman, who’s separated from her husband. A mother of a teenage boy has recently been diagnosed with breast cancer.

Kathy, just like any cancer patient, who struggles to pass on the news of her diagnoses to her loved ones. However, despite the obstacles that she faces, Kathy still manages to look on the bright side of life.

It’s evident Kathy, is a loving mother as she tries to fulfil her son’s wishes by building a swimming pool in the garden. Her relationship with her son, seems to be a light-hearted one, as he regularly plays jokes on his mother. This is possibly to test, and measure how much of a loving mother son relationship they hold.

The one thing, that stood out to me the most is possibly the women’s strength in her battle with cancer. This does nothing, but inspire anyone going down the same road.

The Big C, elegantly portrays the rise and fall of cancer patients, and lets viewers know that they’re not alone and help is out there at all times.

As The Big C is a light-hearted comedy drama, creator Darlene Hunt, brings you a carefully, and cleverly thought out storyline. Which has no choice, but to demonstrate a positive outlook on an illness such as cancer.