Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Celebrity Survivors -Cancer K.O.'d

Following my review of The Big C, I wanted to write a new post on celebrities who have survived their battle with cancer.

Here is a list of celebrity cancer survivors:

Kylie Minogue: Australian superstar diva who has battled with breast cancer, came out of the other side stronger then before. Her fight with cancer inspired others particular young women with an earlier diagnosis.

Lance Armstrong: A professional US road-racing cyclist, who was diagnosed with testicular cancer in 1998. The doctors expected Armstrong to have a 2% survival chance as the cancer spread to his vital organs.

Steve Jobs : CEO of Apple Inc. diagnosed with pancreatic cancer six years ago. He was once the ex chief executive of Disney’s Pixar. Due to his diagnosis, Jobs recently announced a leave of absence; he is now working from home.

Olivia Newton John: The face of the musical classic Greese, and the singer of ‘Let’s Get Physical’ was detected with breast cancer in 1992. She is now a dedicated donator to breast cancer charities.

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