Monday, 8 March 2010

Is This Really It?

June 25th 2009 - what are we most likely to remember why is this date significant? Hmm maybe it’s the death of legendary 'King Of Pop' Michael Jackson? Although I'm not a religious fan of Jackson however, he was my childhood musical icon.

There's no doubt Jackson was, and still is one of the most influential, and inspirational music artists with a track record that goes as far as 40 years. Inspiring artists from Justin Timberlake to Usher.

The man, who introduced the moonwalk back in 1983, the man who maintained an incredible career with songs like Thriller’ and Billie Jean. Jackson’s solo career really took off with the release of the Thriller album in 1982, selling over 50 million copies worldwide, and making it the best selling record of all time. It’s safe to say that Jackson’s death shook the world, as millions of fans worldwide, not only mourned for the entertainer, but also celebrated his contribution to the music industry.

On July 7th, a public memorial was held for the King Of Pop at Staples Centre in Los Angeles, the last place Michael Jackson rehearsed for the O2 concerts in London, a few weeks before his sudden death. Over 1.6m devoted fans applied for Jackson’s memorial tickets to say their goodbyes, and pay their final respects to the singer. However, only 17,500 fans gained entry, fans who were not lucky enough to get their hands on a ticket turned to their TV sets, and watched the memorial live, with a total of 31m viewers in the US alone, and a billion worldwide. Jackson’s golden coffin took centre stage surrounded by beautiful flowers.

Since Jackson’s death was broadcasted on June 25th, record sales have dramatically increased hours after the announcement, taking its top 20 spot on Amazon and HMV UK sales chart. There’s no doubt that the King Of Pop’s legacy will live forever. Jackson vowed to change the world in many of his songs like ‘Man In The Mirror,’ and 'Earth Song,' he definitely accomplished that by changing the music industry, and becoming an everlasting musical icon. He’ll continue to be an inspiration to upcoming, and existing artists of the music industry. His contribution, and dedication to the industry will forever secure his title as the King Of Pop.

By October 2009, High School Musical's director Kenny Ortega signed up for a once in a lifetime opportunity, when he introduced a documented project entitled 'Michael Jackson's This is It.' The production includes exclusive rehearsal footage of the upcoming series of concerts that was planned to begin in July. Fans and movie lovers alike had to act fast as 'This is It' graced the big screen for only two weeks.

The documentary was originally created for Michael's personal archives, however director Ortega released the footage as a motion picture, and felt it was important for fans and music lovers to see the 'creative genius' in action, and let fans see Michael like never before.

Since June 25th 2009, many people began to speculate, and question the death of Jackson. So much so that theories have started to emerge, fans of Jackson believe the 'King Of Pop' has faked his own death. These fans have opened death hoax forums, websites, and not forgetting Youtube video uploads expressing their personal opinions on what actually happened on June 25th. Believers go onto suggest that Jackson may well be alive.

Believers of the death hoax are convinced as a humanitarian, MJ's mission in life is to spread love and live in a peaceful world.

Death hoax investigators are committed to discovering the real story behind Jackson's alleged death. So who knows, we might be in for a huge surprise, as the legend himself once said "It's an adventure, it's a great adventure...It's all for love -L.O.V.E". So, ask yourself are you ready to go on this adventure and face the ultimate truth?

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