Friday, 22 October 2010

Celebrities Who Reach Out - Peace Of Mind For Everyone

I want to throw a question at you, are you ready? OK, what do Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, and Alicia Keys have in common? Besides sharing the Hollywood spotlight, still can’t figure it out? Well, they are all involved with, and the co-founder of humanitarian foundations.

Today, (Oct 21st 2010) I’m only going to talk about two celebrities, who are involved with helping people in need. So, let’s get started shall we? Who’s supporting which foundation? Don't worry, the answer to this question is coming right now, R&B and angelic voice Alicia Keys, is the creator of Keep A Child Alive. Keep A Child Alive, has one purpose, providing treatment, love and support, to families with HIV\AIDS. The organisation goes out of its way to pay for medication, and living expenses, in third world countries. To date, ‘Keep A Child Alive’ has saved the life of 250,000 people.

The charity has its own website, that encourages people from all over the world, to make a donation of $5. The official link to the website is the following:

Up next is a man we know and love, Brad Pitt. The man who made Fight Club a Hollywood classic, and ‘The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button,’ a legacy. Pitt’s organisation is entitled ‘Make It Right.’ the foundation, reaches out to the victims of the hurricane in August of 2005, in New Orleans Florida. Not surprisingly, the hurricane left a huge scar on the community, killing over 1,577 people, in the Lower 9th Ward. The 9th Ward was the one location that endured the hardest hit, and over 4,000 homes were destroyed.

‘Make It Right’ first launched in December 2007; since then, the organisation aims to bring hope, build a new community, that’s not only more durable, but environmentally friendly too. In December 2009, the organisation met its target, and built fifty new homes. By December 2010, they hope to increase that number, and build 150 new homes. There are four goals for Make It Right,’ these are as follows:

Safety – durable, strong enough to survive the next unexpected storm
Healthy – constructed with non toxic material and harm free gasses.
Green – houses are powered by solar panelled energy, making it environmentally friendly.
Smart design – beautifully built homes, stylish and elegant homes, with the most talented and professional architects.

To get more information on the ‘Make It Right’ campaign, visit the following website, while you’re there why not donate, and be part of a miracle.

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