Saturday, 16 October 2010

Hollywood Hidden Gems: Box Office Movies

The sparkling world of Hollywood continues to shine with its latest movie releases. Grab a seat at the cinema, with an overflowing bucket of popcorn, and a refreshing drink as the perfect movie companion. Here are the top ten movies that made the box office this weekend, (1st Oct) according to

#10 - With an outstanding weekend total of £302,196 for 6 weeks, a comedy masterpiece with a five-star cast from director Dennis Dougan. Grown Ups is the story of five close friends, and former high school basketball team mates, who come together on a Fourth of July holiday weekend.

#9 - Devil - an exceptional £332,949 weekend total for 2 weeks, director John E. Dowdle tells the story of five people, who are trapped in a lift that is haunted by the devil. This cross-genre drama thriller, and horror movie promises to leave you on the edge of your seat, and popcorn flying out of your bucket.

#8 - Instant kids’ classic, Toy Story 3, with an amazing £413,759 weekend box office total for eleven weeks. Yes, all your favourite characters are back for a third instalment. Little Andy is all grown-up and ready to leave home to go to college. Things start to go wrong when Woody and the gang are mistakenly delivered to a day-care centre.

#7 - A blast from the past, Back To The Future, originally released in 1985 from director Robert Zemeckis. This movie enters the box office chart, with an incredible £461,194 weekend total for a week. Relive the adventure one more time with Doc Brown and Marty Mcfly, when they travel back in time, and Marty’s existence is at stake.

#6 – Nigel Cole’s Made In Dagenham, starring Sally Hawkins, and Bob Hoskins, with a massive £674,059 for a week. A movie which exemplifies the Dagenham strike, that took place in the late 1960s, a time when women would protest against sexual discrimination.

#5 - The Hole - by director Joe Dante, with an astounding £700,763 for two weeks, a story of two brothers, who find a mysterious hole in their basement, that leads to them facing their worst fears and nightmares.

#4 - Eat, Pray, Love - With a huge £800,533, Ryan Murphy shares the story of a woman who’s not completely fulfilled with her marriage and decides to go in a different direction.

#3 - Buried - £820,631 for a week, Rodrigo Cortes introduces the story of a man who’s attacked and buried alive by Iraqis, with only a lighter and a mobile phone.

#2 - The Town - An eye-watering £890,309 weekend total for 2 weeks, director Ben Affleck highlights a story of gangs, crime, and romance. The Town is Affleck’s fourth production project, as a leading director since he began his directorial career in 1993.

#1 - The Other Guys - From director Adam McKay with a whopping £976,459 weekend total for three weeks. A movie about two guys who aspire to be like the New York cops they idolise, but things don’t go quite to plan.
The time has come for me to ask you a question...Which Hollywood gem are you going to see?

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