Sunday, 31 October 2010

Mobile Phone Networks Say 'I Do' To The Music Industry

Which mobile phone network are you with? T-Mobile, O2, or Orange, whichever one you’re with, these three communication companies have something in common, what is that? Well, they all sponsor major music events. I know you’ve all heard of the O2 Arena in London, and T-Mobile Transmission, let's not forget Orange Rockcorp. I’m only going to talk about two mobile network companies today (Oct 28th).

To date, O2 have sponsored countless music events, from festivals, to major artist tours. The company, aim to please and intend to present entertainment, and communication in an all in one package; they believe their sponsorships with music, bring interactivity, introducing new customer experiences, by bringing exclusivity to their consumers, which add great value to the O2 brand.

Putting that aside, the O2, and many of the other networks like T-Mobile, value customers as first priority the benefits of sponsoring a music event, for these major mobile networks are simple. It shows loyalty to their customers, but at the same time consumers can respond by rewording the supplier with the same loyalty. These sponsorships, have gained company reputation, making it value at £6 million a year. However, let's not forget the day, when O2 and AEG, combined forces in three key ways, these are as follows:

1) Bringing exclusive music content to O2 phones and other devices

2) Every customer in the UK, Ireland, Germany, and other countries VIP rights such as tickets, upgrades, entry into the VIP lounge, fast track entry and finally reserved parking.

3) Interactive services ranging from mobile ticketing, music downloads and event guides using O2’s mobile internet and O2 Active.

‘The future’s bright the future’s orange,’ Orange, another major mobile network, who introduce you to Rockcorp. A place to get the latest tickets for music events fast, and hassle free, promoted by Blackberry, and Channel 4. Rockcorps is the only company, to bring forward the idea of ‘Give Get Given,’ basically giving customers one free ticket to an amazing gig. In return for four hours of community service.

Using the power of music, to unite people from all cultures, hitting two birds with one stone. Providing top class entertainment, and helping to improve the community all at the same time.

There’s no doubt that these major mobile networks want to attract the younger generation, and so far they’re succeeding. This connection takes mobile networks to a whole new level. Not only by increasing revenue, but showing loyalty, and dedication to consumers. Network companies have started to realise, that without music, the world doesn’t go round. So, why not combine the two together, and bring something new to the table.

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