Saturday, 12 June 2010

IPhone/IPod Touch - The Sparkling World Of The App Store - Music Edition Reviewed

I’m going to do something a little different today, what do you say we go a little techmanic? before we get started, I want to ask you a question. Do you own an IPhone\IPod Touch? Yes? Then, there’s no doubt it’s filled with 100s of apps designed to make your life just a little bit that easier. Yeah, well that’s what this remarkable device is made for right? I’m sure you all know, there are apps out there in the App Store to satisfy your music and entertainment needs. I just came across five today. Oh, and if you're wondering, they’re all FREE in the App store so download like a maniac. So, here it is:

Pink – Developer Aurnhammer LLC: The rock\pop chick with an attitude, this app has everything fans of Pink could ever ask for. It’s packed with news, latest tour dates, and images including album photo shoots, live performances, and mini Pink. But wait, that’s not all, because this app also has the successful artist’s music videos which directly link to Youtube, allowing the user to watch the music videos to their most loved songs. Songs from her latest album, ‘Funhouse’ released in October 2008. This fun packed app, also includes previews of Pink’s discography. The user has the freedom to buy albums straight from their iPhone\iPod Touch. Let’s not forget the user friendly UI, there is so much going on in this app that it’s impossible for me to talk about them individually. If you want everything P!nk, then this is the app for you. Overall I give this app 4/5.

Madonna – Developer Mobile Rodie brings you Madonna. This official iPhone\iPod Touch app which celebrates the life, career, and contribution to music. When you first load this app, you’re pleasantly surprised with a photo of the legendary singer along with a Madonna track. Everything Madonna is right on your iPhone/iPod Touch at your fingertips. Users can preview her music, and stay up to date with the latest news, photos, books and career. However, if I was to compare this to Pink’s app, I would say Madonna offers a lot more, as it not only allows users to be added to the official Madonna mailing list, but gives users insight on her past shows. Users can interact with the app more by having the option to connect with Facebook, and Twitter accounts. So, because of the added features, I would like to give this app an overall rating of 5/5.

Ritz Rock The Block With Wyclef Jean - If you’ve played Tapulous’s Tap Tap Revenge, then this might seem familiar to you, as the concept is pretty much the same. However, I don’t know if it’s just me, but I found it really difficult to use this app, purely because I didn’t think it was responsive enough. The aim of the game is to hit the Ritz cracker tokens as soon as they reach the hit zone in time with the music. One other thing I’ve noticed, the app doesn’t provide information on the artist at all. It's purely designed for gaming purposes, putting all this into consideration, I give this app an overall rating of 1\5.

Dizzie Rascal– Developer Music Network App brings you the app dedicated to British rapper Dizzie Rascal that’s sure to make you ‘bonkers’. This app is filled with everything that’s Dizzie Rascal, from song, and video snippets to artist biography, and photos, the only thing this app is missing is a news section, which makes it pretty basic and limited. For that reason I give this app an overall rating of 3/5.

Justin Bieber Channel – Developer Aigoo launches the Justin Bieber Channel. An app dedicated to the young pop singer of the new generation, this app offers so much to Bieber lovers. Users have a chance to view photos, and get the latest news on Justin. That’s not all, because you also get extras where you can see live concert footage, links to Bieber’s Twitter, his official website, and Youtube channel. It’s interactive, and fun. If you’re a Justin Bieber super fan then download this app, and enter the world of Justin Bieber, you won’t regret it. Oh yeah, before I forget this app gets 5/5.

Go ahead, why not add one or more of these apps to your app catalogue, and give yourself one more reason NOT to put your iPhone/iPod Touch down.

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