Thursday, 13 May 2010

The Reoccurring Nightmare - Freddy's Back

One, two Freddy is coming for you, three, four, you better lock your door. That’s right Freddy’s back once again, and haunting you in your reoccurring nightmare. The 1984 horror classic ‘A Nightmare On Elm St’ is back, with a new director Samuel Bayer. The concept and storyline is what you might expect from the original nightmare series.

This time around, audiences get a chance to get to know the teenage villain with a metallic hand. What can I say about Freddy Krueger, (Jackie Earle Haley) the guy who still wears the same red, and green jumper with that brown hat he wore 25 years ago.

Come on, I know what you must be thinking it can’t all be bad. To be honest no it’s not, you can still get a few scares out of this movie, and still enjoy it for what it is. ‘A classic horror’ that still has gory, and gruesome dream sequences that reminds audiences what Freddy is really about.

The story of 5 teenagers who "Never Sleep Again' in order to avoid coming face to face with evil. Decide for yourself, if you would like to meet Freddy once again on the big screen, and experience the reoccurring nightmare.

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