Sunday, 30 May 2010

Sign Up To The Glee Club

Have you signed up to Glee club yet? From the creator of Nip\Tuck, Ryan Murphy introduces Glee. A brand new US comedy that may easily be compared to Kenny Ortega’s High School Musical series, as the next generation of musical comedies. The story behind Glee is simple, a strong-minded teacher, William Schuester, (Matthew Morrison) at Mckinley High School, help a group of teens realise their full potential. The series depicts a stereotypical perspective of high school life. It's reality, something that all teen students can experience while at school. Students are catagorised into groups, from the popular, to the not so popular. Things start to go wrong, when the club isn't such a big hit on launch day, Schuester’s mission is to prove people wrong, and show them that everybody, is a somebody in this world.
After watching a few episodes of Glee, I have to admit, it did raise some questions in my mind; like, does it inspire the average viewer to get out there, and sign up for the Glee club at their school? Here are a few pros and cons I’ve listed, you don’t have to agree with me, I just wanted to get my thoughts out there, OK, so, let’s start with:

The Pros:

1) One thing that sticks out to me the most is its a realistic portrayal of high school life. It allows the audience, to relate to the show effortlessly. A show like Glee can really inspire viewers, and encourage them to love music, and get involved with after school activities, such as ‘signing up for the glee club’. The split between the popular, and the not so popular students, are brought together with the Glee club. Proving the fact that no matter where you are in the popularity chain, you can still ‘be cool’, as long as you be yourself.

2) Glee delivers a strong message, and that is, ‘even when you’re down, get up, and try again, because in the end, you’ll only come out stronger!’

The Cons:

1) Personally, I’m not a huge fan of musicals it can be a little annoying to watch. Especially, when characters start singing, and dancing, almost every 2-3 minutes throughout the show. It happens so frequently, and when you least expect it. You start to question yourself on how, and why that song relates to the current situation. I don’t know, maybe it’s just me, who knows, but in my opinion, that has to be one of the negative aspects of the show.

2) Another thing, I’d like to add to my list of cons, if this is a musical\comedy I would’ve liked to see the show with their own songs. Cover versions of songs can only go so far. For example, in the pilot episode, the cast sung a cover version of ‘Don’t Stop Believin,’ originally released in 1982, by Journey a rock band, who first emerged in San Francisco California, in the early 70s.

In another episode, we have another cover version, but this time it’s a song from rock legend Areosmith with 'Dream On,' originally released in 1973. I mean come on, we’ve heard these songs already, why not bring something new to the table?

Maybe this is not such a bad thing, something tells me this is the show’s way of introducing old songs, to a new generation of viewers. People who aren’t old enough to know those tracks of course, when you think of it like that, then I guess it makes sense. It’s understandable, even if that is the case, it still wouldn’t hurt to also have a new collection of tracks that are not cover versions.

However, putting that aside, I do believe that the show sends a positive, and inspirational message to its audience, and that is, "you can do anything you set your mind to, nothing is impossible."

So, are you ready to sing till your heart’s content? Go check it out, I’m sure, sooner or later you’ll be saying, “I’m Glee!”

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