Saturday, 25 December 2010

The Tourist - Reviewed

Ever find yourself sitting on a train? Minding your own business, when a stranger of the opposite sex chooses to sit right opposite you? Not really right? That kind of thing doesn’t really happen. Well, it did for Frank Tupelo (Johnny Depp) when he met Elise Clifton Ward (Angelina Jolie). The Tourist director, and writer Florian Henkel Von Donnersmarck, tells the story of an American tourist visiting Italy, who’s out to repair Elise’s broken heart.

Two of the most iconic stars of Hollywood, Johnny Depp, and Angelina Jolie come together to bring you the new Mr & Mrs Smith. 103 minutes of action/thriller/drama, you won’t mind sitting through, The Tourist.

Frank Tupelo didn’t know what hit him, when he got involved with undercover agent Elise, fate brings them together again, when Elise invites her American boy on a boat ride to a fancy hotel. As time goes by the story unfolds, and secrets are slowly revealed. Elise is the one who gets to say “Oh my God”. Why is she so surprised? Don’t let me be the one to tell you, go to the cinemas to find out for yourself you won't regret it!

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