Friday, 13 May 2011

Eurovision 2011: Will You Be Watching?

Love it or hate it, personally I hate it, but my opinion is only worth 2cents. Yes, the final of the Eurovision Song Contest is due to be on your TV screens this Saturday night, (14/5/11) at 8pm GMT. The Eurovision Song Contest, the best way to describe it; it’s a cheap imitation of pop music, that’s crying out for attention. As a music lover, I don’t believe the Eurovision leaves a strong impression, or impact on the music industry.

The Eurovision Song Contest was an idea, developed by the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) in 1955. It has become a tradition for 54 years, watched by millions of viewers all over the world. The contest was first publicised in 1956, and has since, carried out a yearly celebration of European talent.

I want to highlight 3 pros and 3 cons about the Eurovision Song Contest, the good, the bad and the ugly!


1) Discover new music, and broaden your horizon

2) Eurovision helps to unite the world even if it is for a short period of time

3) Expand your knowledge of different cultures and religions


1) Eurovision can sometimes make music seem desperate and crying out for attention

2) You begin to ask yourself, does the music industry really need the Eurovision?

3) It needs to change, I don't know what, if it's the setup or planing but every year we watch the same thing over and over again...isn't anyone bored yet?

In honor of the Eurovision’s 50th anniversary, the first junior
Eurovision took place in 2003. While in 2005, ABBA’s Waterloo, was voted the viewers’ favourite Eurovision song ever.

A team of three will host the show; – Anke Engelke, Judith Rakers, and Stefan Raab, take place in the Fortuna Düsseldorf’s arena.

The arena, welcomes a maximum number of 54,000 people however, due to technical difficulties, and the stage being enough to reduce the entire capacity of the venue. In reality, the venue is expected to take an audience of 24,000.

A total of 25 countries, including the UK will take centre stage, and fight to be the winner of the Eurovision Song Contest.

You can expect to see:

Blue ‘I Can’ – United Kingdom

Lena ‘Taken By A Stranger’ - Germany

Eric Sade ‘Popular’ - Sweden

Loucas Yiorkas feat. Stereo Mike ‘Watch My Dance’ – Greece

…And many more.

The artists I’m looking forward to perform are:

Blue ‘I Can’ – United Kingdom

Lena ‘Taken By A Stranger’ – Germany

Christos Mylordos ‘San Aggelos S’Agapisa’ – Cyprus

Anna Rossinelli ‘In Love For A While’ - Switzerland

3JS ‘Never Alone’ – The Netherlands

So, who do you think will take the title as the winner of the Eurovision Song Contest 2011? Anyone in this list I wonder? Hmmm….we have to wait and see, tune in tomorrow to find out!


  1. I very rarely miss it. ALways been a family thing to sit down and watch it, and this year was no different

  2. Like ya said its a family thing, but this year, the tradition was broken we didn't watch it it's gotten boring. Every year we see the same old thing, it's good to be different and try something new and I think that's what it needs.

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    1. Thanks Drew :) I hope you're still a reader. Just so u know u can always keep up to date with the latest articles when u follow/like on Facebook and Twitter :)