Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Insidious: Dare To Be Part Of An Insidious Plan?

Insidious, what does it mean? Well, I didn’t even know until now, but according to the dictionary, it means, ‘…intended to entrap or beguile: an insidious plan’. While we’re on the subject of words, I have to say, I really like the sound of the word ‘insidious’. Does that make me weird? Anyway, enough about that lets get down to business. Crafted by the creators of Paranormal Activity and Saw, two genius minds combined into one, James Wan and Oren Peli bring you Insidious; a horror/thriller/fantasy, originally released in April of this year.

Introducing a compelling story of an ordinary American family, who turn out to be out of the ordinary in a blink of an eye. Little Dolton wasn't able to wake up one morning to get ready for school. Concerned parents, arrive at the hospital, with no hope or proper diagnosis from the doctors. Parents Josh Lambert (Patrick Wilson) Renai Lambert (RoseByrne), who do everything in their power to prevent demonic spirits, from possessing their young son in a comatose state. Dolton Lambert (Ty Simpkins) trapped between two realms. Worlds, that’s deemed as ‘reality and the further’. When inside the world of insidious, there’s no distinction between reality and fantasy. While, on a mission to save his son, Dad, Josh, discovers his disturbing past catches up with him. Think for a second, how many times in the cinema, have you unexpectedly jump out of your skin? Because for a quick second, fear jumped outs at you, and dominates the big screen. Leaving you no choice, but your popcorn flying out of the bucket. Well, expect that and much more. Only this time, it’s even more dramatic! Insidious, with its dramatic and compelling storyline that catches the attention of anyone who loves the occasional good scare. Paranormal Activity and Saw fans can unite together, and scream in harmonic fear, because at the end of the day, that’s what makes a good horror movie!


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    1. No problem Vic :) I'm glad it helped, I realise it's been a while since u left your comment, but I hope you're still a reader - u can be sure more titles are coming soon. To keep up to date with the latest articles follow/like on Facebook and Twitter!