Friday, 27 May 2011

Three S' Of Music & Fun - Sainsbury's Super Saturday

I've got a riddle for you, what do Sainsbury’s, one of the UK’s local supermarkets; The Saturdays, a cheesy pop girl group that I’ve never really understood, but again that’s only my opinion, so it’s not worth much. Chipmunk a UK rapper, who debuted with the ‘I Am Chipmunk’ and last but not least; Taio Cruiz - UK singer/song writer, and record producer have in common? Need Help? Well, three S’ “Sainsbury’s Super Saturday!” That’s right, proud sponsor of Paralympic Games presents, Sainsbury’s Super Saturday. A mini concert together with the big artists mentioned above.

This ‘Super Saturday’, is planning to take place on September 10th of this year, located at Clapham Common London. However, let’s not forget to mention, the entrance fee of £45 for adults and £35 for kids. OK, I know the price is a little steep, it almost makes you want to crash to the floor, but you never know, it might just be worth it. “ Try something new” Sainsbury’s say.

I’m not against ‘trying something new’ but what if it doesn’t fit, what then? Refund? I don’t think so. I do not like the price being presented here. A price drop could have been considered for kids, why it wasn’t considered? I have no idea. Oh well, at least it leaves you with one philosophy; everything at least deserves one chance right?

The reason for ‘Sainsbury’s Super Saturday’ is to lend a helping hand, to the Paralympic Games of 2012. What’s the story behind it? Well, Sainsbury’s is an official partner of London 2012 Olympic Games. All profit made from this interactive event, will be donated to the Paralympic Legacy Fund. This will then, be connected with ParalympicsGB. It’s also important to note, that Sainsbury’s Super Saturday aim to encourage healthier, and dynamic lifestyles.

As well as being committed to promote fitness, Sainsbury’s is eager to change the perception that society has left towards people with disabilities. You want a little info on the London 2012 Paralympics Games mascot? Sure, why not? His name is Mendavile, a name inspired by Stoke Mendavile in Buckinghamshire, the city that gave birth to the Paralympic Games.

To begin your ‘Super Saturday’, you can book your tickets online, from May 20th at

So, will you be one of those people jumping for joy as September 10th approaches? Or are you on the other side of the fence? The ones who’re actually waiting for this post to come to end? Either way, remember it’s a music event, and where there’s a music, there’s fun!

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